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Breena Clarke

Breena Clarke is the author of three novels, River Cross My Heart, Stand the Storm, and her newest, Angels Make Their Hope Here.  All three novels present vivid views of African-American communities.


She is a faculty member of the Stone Coast MFA Program at the University of Southern Maine.  She is affiliated with A Room of Her Own: A Foundation for Women Artists. She is an avid swimmer. Since retirement from Time-Warner in 2000, she has been a full-time writer. 


Breena is a co-organizer of the annual Hobart Festival of Women Writers. She will be offering the Writing Workshop: "HOW THEY MUST HAVE FELT: Developing an Emotional Landscape in Fiction".

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Breena Clarke

Angels Make Their Hope Here - Fiction

River, Cross My Heart - Fiction

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Photo Courtesy of Ann E Chapman

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Stand The Storm - Fiction

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