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Esther Cohen

Esther Cohen is the author of Don’t Mind Me: And Other Jewish Lies with illustrations by Roz Chast, the novels No Charge for Looking and Book Doctor, and Unseen America, an ongoing project in visual history, started in 2000. Nannies, homecare workers, migrants, and scores of others tell the stories of their lives through pictures they take of what they see. 


Esther has also published two volumes of poetry, God Is a Tree and prayerbook. She has been writing a daily poetry blog since 2014. 


This is her seventh year at the Festival as an Invited Writer.  She lives in Manhattan as well as Cornwallville, NY. 


Esther will be offering the INTENSIVE Writing Workshop, "GOOD STORIES".

Esther Cohen

Book Doctor: A Novel

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Breakfast With Allen Ginsberg.jpg

Breakfast With Allen Ginsberg - Poetry

Don’t Mind Me: And Other Jewish Lies - Stories

Don't Mind Me.jpg

God Is a Tree and Other Middle-Aged Prayers - Poetry

No Charge for Looking: A Novel

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Unseen America: Photos & Stories by Workers - Non-fiction

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Unseen America.jpg