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We have compiled a listing of books authored by all of our participating Festival Writers who have attended over the past five years.

Whether you are looking for a gift for someone or gift for yourself, we hope that you find this index helpful for the pleasure of reading creative, provocative and progressive works by our talented alumni.

The books relating to this year's first time participating writers are noted on the "WRITERS 2018" page. Those books will be included on this page in the near future.

A Room Full of Women – Elisabeth Nonas

After Mecca: Black Women and the Black Arts Movement – Cheryl Clarke

All I Need To Get By – Sophfronia Scott

Amelia Anne Is Dead and Gone – Kat Rosenfield

​An Enchanted Hair Tale – Alexis DeVeaux

​An Unquenchable Thirst – Mary Johnson

​Angels Make Their Hope Here – Breena Clarke

Arc & Hue – Tara Betts

Arrival – Cheryl Boyce-Taylor

​Art In The Catskills - Simona David

​Avowed – Julie R. Enszer

Blue Talk and Love – Mecca Sullivan

​Book Doctor – Esther Cohen

​Burning Furiously Beautiful – Stephanie Nikolopoulos (w/ Paul Maher Jr.)

​By My Precise Haircut – Cheryl Clarke

​City of Friends – Elisabeth Nonas

​Celebrities In Disgrace – Elizabeth Searle

​Convincing The Body – Cheryl Boyce-Taylor

​Cover Me – Sonya Huber

​Daughters of the Stone – Dahlma Llanos-Figueroa

​Diosa de la Yuca – Marianela Medrano

​Don’t Mind Me: And Other Jewish Lies – Esther Cohen

Doing Time Outside – Ginnah Howard

​Don’t Explain – Jewelle Gomez

Eleanor Roosevelt – Volumes 1, 2 & 3 – Blanche Wiesen Cook

​Eyes, Stones – Elana Bell

​Flares and Fathoms – Margot Farrington

​Framed In Silence – Lynn Domina

​Girl Held In Home – Elizabeth Searle

​Great Space of Desire – Dara Lurie

G.R.I.T.S. - Girls Raised In The South: An Anthology of Southern Queer Womyns'

              Voices and Their Allies -

by Poet On Watch (Editor), Amber N. Williams (Editor)

Cheryl Clarke (Introduction)Jaki Shelton Green (Foreword)

and Pamela Sneed (Afterword)

Happiness Like Water – Chinelo Okparanta

​Heart Turned Back – Bertha Rogers

How Art Is Made In The Catskills - Simona David

​I’m Sick of This Already – Ginnah Howard

​Inland – Kat Rosenfield

​Jam On The Vine – LaShonda Katrice Barnett

​Leaving Atlanta – Tayari Jones

​Lilith’s Demons – Julie R. Enszer

​Living As A Lesbian – Cheryl Clarke

Memoirs of the Unfaithful Lover – Bessy Reyna

English and

Spanish Edition

​Milk and Honey: A Celebration of Jewish Lesbian Poetry – Julie R. Enszer (Editor)

​Miracle Arrhythmia – Rachel Eliza Griffiths

​Rituals in the Marrow – E. J. Antonio


​Mule & Pear – Rachel Eliza Griffiths


Night Navigation – Ginnah Howard


Pain Woman Takes Your Keys and Other Essays From A Nervous System Sonya Huber

Prieta – Marianela Medrano

Proxy – r. erica doyle

​Revolutionary Mothering – Alexis Pauline Gumbs, (Editor)

Rising and Falling – Margot Farrington

​River, Cross My Heart – Breena Clarke



​Rope & Bone – Ginnah Howard

​Ruth’s Skirts – Kathy Engel

​Say/Mirror – JP Howard

​Scanning For Tigers – Margot Farrington

Self-Publishing and Book Marketing – Simona David

​She Has A Name – Kamilah Aisha Moon

​Silver Sparrow – Tayari Jones

​Sinister Wisdom – Julie R. Enszer, (Editor)

​Spill – Alexis Pauline Gumbs

​Stand The Storm – Breena Clarke

​Starshine and Clay – Kamilah Aisha Moon

​Stay With Me – Sandra Rodriguez Barron

​Story Workout – Elisabeth Nonas

​The Battlefield of Your Body – Bessy Reyna

English and

Spanish Edition

​The Complete Works of Pat Parker – Julie R. Enszer, (Editor)

​The Days of Good Looks – Cheryl Clarke

The Declassified Eisenhower – Blanche Wiesen Cook

​​The Fall of Rome – Martha Southgate

​The Gilda Stories – Jewelle Gomez


SOFTCOVER 25th Anniversary (Expanded)

​The Girls in Chartreuse Jackets – Maria Mazziotti Gillan

The Heiress of Water – Sandra Rodriguez Barron

​The Kitchen – Kathy Engel

​The New Black – Evie Shockley

​The Pink Box – Yesenia Montilla

The Quarry Fox and Other Critters of the Wild Catskills – Leslie T. Sharpe

​The Taste of Salt – Martha Southgate

​Third Girl From The Left – Martha Southgate



​Under The Udala Trees – Chinelo Okparanta

Various Covers for this title

​Unforgivable Love – Sophfronia Scott

​Unseen America – Esther Cohen

​Warrior Poet – Alexis DeVeaux

​We Begin Here: Poems for Palestine and Lebanon

      – Kathy Engel (Editor) and Kamal Boullata (Editor)

​We Got Him – Elizabeth Searle

​What We Ask of Flesh – Remica L. Bingham

​When You Live By A River – Mermer Blakeslee

​Yabo – Alexis DeVeaux

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