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Last year, The Festival of Women Writers sponsored an Art Exhibition in the Hobart Community Center titled "In Their Own Image".  It was a unanimous success. Not only did it add color and life to the surroundings but it featured the talents of local women artists thereby commanding that it become an annual event.


This year, the theme is Words & Images. Curated by Tracy Jacknow, a member and former president of MURAL (Mt. Utsayantha Regional Arts League), she explained the show's premise:

"The idea for "Words & Images" was inspired by the simple fact that many writers also create visual arts; sometimes in conjunction with their writing or as a separate entity. This idea is coupled with the knowledge that the artists may use text in varying forms in their visual work. "

"Although this is not a juried exhibit, 10% of all sales will be donated to the Festival to help offset operational costs."


Here are some images from last year's exhibition.

2018 Art Show #1.jpg
2018 Art Show #2.jpg
2018 Art Show #3.jpg
2018 Art Show #4.jpg
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