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Marina Antropow Cramer

Anna Eva Mimi Adam  - Fiction

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Roads  - Fiction


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Marina Antropow Cramer

Born in postwar Germany into a family of refugees from the Soviet Union, Marina Antropow Cramer has enjoyed the benefit of lifelong ties to Russian expatriate communities.


Her work has been performed by Roselee Blooston's Short Story Theater. A short story, “Pear,” appeared online in Blackbird Literary Journal in 2009; another story, “Grave,” came out in the Fall 2009 online issue of Istanbul Literary Review.


The digital journal Wilderness House Literary Review published “In Case of Fire” in the Winter 2010 issue, and “Half the Bed” in Winter 2012.


Roads was her first novel. Her second, Anna Eva Mimi Adam, is scheduled for a February 2020 release. She holds a BA degree in English.


This is Marina’s first Festival as a participating writer and she will be offering the Writing Workshop, “FACT + FICTION: Writing The Historical Novel”.

Cramer Workshop

Workshop for :

Marina Antropow Cramer

FACT + FICTION: Writing The Historical Novel

An interactive work session with three or four ten-minute writing exercises and a Q&A brainstorming format that draws on knowledge and motivation of the participants to guide them in developing their ideas into marketable work. Topics covered will include:


  • Why are you writing this book? Qualifications/Interest/Agenda

  • Research – factual sources vs anecdotal material

  • Role of imagination in enhancing historical events

  • Using and developing characters – historical persons and invented ones

  • Plot – building suspense while working with known events

  • Authenticity – narrative voice, dialogue, setting (dress, household details, currency and business, transportation, architecture, etc.)

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