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Bertha's BOOKS
Rogers Workshop

INTENSIVE Workshop for :

Bertha Rogers

This is a SIX-HOUR Class

EXPANDING IDEAS: Words into poems into artist books

Artist books open and close, sometimes like regular books, but often structured in ways that allow the artist and reader/viewer to experience words and images in new ways.


There are several basics to consider in artist books, among them text, page design, structure, illustration, and presentation. Bertha Rogers, a poet, visual and book artist, and teaching artist, will lead a workshop that transforms the words in poems into artist books.


Each participant will bring one or two of her poems-in-progress (no more than 14 lines each).


We will spend the first two hours fine-tuning and selecting the poems that we will include in the artist books, then we will choose one or two artist book formats as the vehicles for the poems.


Among those configurations we will consider are the Scroll, Accordion/Pocket, Japanese Stab Binding, Pop-up, Book-in-a-Box, Tunnel, and Tetra-tetra Flexagon.


All book building materials will be supplied by Rogers, including scissors, paper, glue, markers, brushes, ink, bone folders, thread, and needles. 


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Bertha Rogers

Bertha Rogers, named First Poet Laureate of Delaware County, New York, in March 2005, is a poet, translator, visual artist, and master teaching artist.


More than 250 of her poems and critical reviews have appeared in such journals as Many Mountains Moving, The MacGuffin, Connecticut Review, Laurel Review, Karamu, Nimrod, Chelsea, Pivot, Yankee, and Barrow Street; and in several anthologies.


Her poetry collections include Sleeper, You Wake (Mellen, 1991), The Fourth Beast (Snark Publishing, 2004), For the Girl Buried in the Peat Bog (Six Swans Artists Editions, 1999), and A House of Corners, winner of the Maryland State Poetry Society and Review Competition (Three Conditions Press, Baltimore, 2000). Her translation of the Anglo-Saxon epic, Beowulf, was published in 2000 by Birch Brook Press, Delhi, NY, and her interdisciplinary Beowulf exhibit with readings and workshops toured the U.S. from 2000-2002.


In 2005, Bertha published Even the Hemlock, a collection of words and images from her "Even the Hemlock: Reliquaries and Illuminations" exhibit, traveling throughout New York since 2003. The exhibit and book were funded through grants from the Ludwig Vogelstein Foundation and the New York State Council on the Arts Decentralization Grant Program.


She has also received a fellowship from the AE Foundation. Her word-and-image works are in the Harry Ransom Collection, the University of Texas and other public and private collections. In 2007 her exhibit "The Stones & Bones of Delaware County" was awarded a NYSCA grant and was exhibited in museums and galleries in Delaware County, NY and at the Hamilton Club Gallery, Paterson, NY (March-April 2008).


In 2009, her exhibit, "Riddle Me This: The Anglo-Saxon Riddle-Poems Translated for Our Time and Place," received a New York State Council on the Arts Decentralization Program grant and toured Delaware County, opening at the Elijah Thomas Gallery, Delaware County Historical Association Museum in Delhi; then traveling to the historic Hanford Mills Museum in East Meredith.


Bertha is one of the original members of the Festival and this is her seventh Festival as a participating writer.  She will be offering the Writing INTENSIVE Workshop “EXPANDING IDEAS: Words into poems into artist books”.

Rogers NEW
Bertha Rogers

Beowulf: Letterpress / Limited Edition  

                  - Bertha Rogers (Translator & Illustrator)   - Poetry               

Even the Hemlock..jpg

Even the Hemlock: Poems, Illuminations, Reliquaries

Heart Turned Back  - Poetry  

Heart Turned Back.jpg

Like Light: 25 Years of Poetry & Prose by Bright Hill Poets & Writers - Bertha Rogers (Editor & Contributor)  - Anthology

Suddenly There Were Leaves

  - Bertha Rogers (Editor & Contributor)

- Poetry & Prose Anthology

Suddenly, There Were Leaves.jpg
Like Light.jpg

Uncommon Creatures: The Anglo-Saxon Riddle-Poems from the Exeter Book Translated and Illuminated by Bertha Rogers

- Riddle-Poems

Uncommon Creatures.jpg

Wild, Again  - Poetry  

Wild Again.jpg

Photo Courtesy of

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