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Áine's BOOKS
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Photo Courtesy of

Áine Greaney

Dance Lessons  - Fiction

The Big House - Fiction

Green Card And Other Essays.jpg

Green Card And Other Essays

- Memoir

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Writer With A Day Job - Writing

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Greaney Workshop

Workshop for :

Áine Greaney


Whether we’re writing fiction or nonfiction, lively and memorable scenes are the building blocks of our narrative.  Scenes bring our readers into the narrative and make the reader (or editor) keep reading.

In this workshop, we will begin by looking at how and when to use live-action scenes (showing) versus using expository narrative (telling).

Participants will share tips for creating an opening scene that draws the reader in while establishing the conflict, voice, and mood of the story and will also look at using sensory details, effective dialog, and precise language.

Greaney CROPPED.jpg

Photo Courtesy of

Áine Greaney

Áine Greaney is an Irish-born author who never published anything until she emigrated from Ireland to America, alone, at age 24.


Since 1986, she has published five books. Her features, essays, and stories have been published and broadcast in the U.S., Ireland, the U.K. and Canada in publications such as Creative Nonfiction, NPR/WBUR, The Boston Globe Magazine, Numero Cinq, Litro, Salon and The Drum. She is also the author of the popular instructional book, Writer with a Day Job (Writers Digest Books).

Her awards and shortlists include a citation in Best American Essays. Also, “Sanctuary,” her essay about family bereavement, was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Her second novel, Dance Lessons, was one of 20 chosen by the National Women’s Book Association for National Reading Group Month.

Áine has facilitated creative writing workshops at national and regional conferences, including the Writers Digest Conference in New York City, the Cape Cod Writers Conference, and the Examined Life Conference in Iowa City.

This is Áine’s first Festival as a participating writer and she will be offering the Writing Workshop, “DARLING, YOU’RE MAKING A SCENE”.

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