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Esther's BOOKS
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Photo Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of Mark Berghash

Esther Cohen

Esther Cohen is a novelist and poet living in New York City. She’s the author of several books, including Book Doctor. Her writing appears daily on her blog I Am and I Am Not which features her intensely personal poetic observations of life in New York City and the world.


Esther is one of the original members of the Festival and this is her eighth Festival as a participating writer.  She will be offering the Writing INTENSIVE Workshop “THE GOOD STORIES INTENSIVE WORKSHOP”.

Cohen - CROPPED.jpg

Photo Courtesy of Mark Berghash

Esther Cohen

Book Doctor: A Novel

Book Doctor.jpg
Breakfast With Allen Ginsberg.jpg

Breakfast With Allen Ginsberg - Poetry

Don’t Mind Me: And Other Jewish Lies - Stories

Don't Mind Me.jpg

God Is a Tree and Other Middle-Aged Prayers - Poetry

No Charge for Looking: A Novel

No Charge for Looking.jpg

Unseen America: Photos & Stories by Workers - Non-fiction

God is a Tree.jpg
Unseen America.jpg
Cohen Workshop

INTENSIVE Workshop for :

Esther Cohen

This is a SIX-HOUR Class


The Good Stories Intensive Workshop has been offered at Hobart Festival of Women Writers for the past six years.


Esther Cohen, one of the founding Participating Writers of Hobart Festival of Women Writers has developed this workshop especially for our participants.


This workshop is about stories:  good and very good, about writing them, telling them, and hearing them.


What is a story?  Together we will discuss what stories are, and what they can do. The Lubavitcher Rebbe once said there are 72 stories.  In this workshop we’ll look at what they are.

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